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Spelling and Comprehension fine.. reading aloud not the best- Remediation?


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After struggling mightily to learn to read ds took off last summer on his own and when I've done tests for level he is testing between 4th and 5th grade. On spelling we are doing Spelling Plus 2nd grade(we will be starting 3rd grade in the next week or so) and he tested at 80% right before we started for the year. He seems to be more a natural learner in this regard and it is all from what he remembers from reading. However, I do notice when he is reading aloud that he will flub up words, especially longer ones. Often he does just fine when he is forced to slow down but sometimes he still will need some help in breaking things down. He is reading voraciously at this point and when I ask him questions about what he has read he has great comprehension. I considered doing LoE Essentials last year to cement spelling rules and I'm still considering if I should do that next year. I'm strongly considering taking dd through Essentials at a slower pace, so it could be convenient to have them both on the same program. Part of me things yes, it is a no brainer and then another says well he is above level on reading and comprehension and doing good on spelling as it is and to leave it alone.




I'm considering doing either:


Essentials w/ Cursive Workbook + WWE3




WWE, LoE Cursive handbook, + KISS grammar , Spelling Plus- should be at 4th grade level next year

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At that point I think spelling can take over for finishing up phonics. That's what I did with my two readers who took off before we finished TATRAS. No problems so far. :)


I would suggest having some time still for him to read aloud for practice (something with challenging vocab) with deliberate, slow reading and with enunciation and expression. It can help cut down on homeschooler-syndrome of knowing words without knowing how to pronounce them rightly. :) I do this by having my readers read our history or Bible or poetry aloud sometimes and they read our memory passages during Circle Time. Instead of adding an extra, I just work that practice into things we're already doing; they like it more then, too, because it's not me assigning more work, it's me delegating them some responsibility.

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Good idea Mystie. I have done that some but he just hates reading aloud. We were doing some reading from Webster's earlier but I had dropped that- I think when the baby came but it is confusing! Perhaps we can take turns with a read aloud, that would make it easier for him.

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