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More ? about Latin for Children


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Last night I look at the LFC website and sampled the dvd and chants.


1. The chanting on the dvd and cd goes so fast! I could barely understand them. Can you all follow and remember these?


2. I think the dvd has been revised. I was expecting a dad teaching his kids in a home setting. But the teacher was in an office writing on a white board. He was explaining the word endings really fast and this was just for ch. 1 level A.:001_huh:


Is this how the actual lesson goes? I don't think I can keep up! I felt like I was back in my college foreign language class.:ack2:


Is there a visual manual to follow while watching/listening? I can learn better if I see the words while someone is speaking.


Can you tell me about your learning experience with LFC?


Do you know if the chants for Prima Latina and LC go more slowly?


I feel so dumb:001_unsure::confused:

Well, I think I'll just have another cup of coffee and:chillpill:

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Oh my, I need to pull out my DVD and review. We have LFC A and dd did it two years ago and we have forgotten everything from lack of use. The chant CD was very fast, I was lost but dd got it. She was 8 at the time. We went ahead and got the new DVD for A and are going to use them this year and take Latin seriously this year. DD has already watched some and said she liked the old in the house ones better. I can't answer your question, sorry, but I will see if I have new chant CD or not and give you an answer. maybe this will bump it up some so others will see your post.

I will say we did enjoy LFC when we did it, and I am looking forward to getting back to it.

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Again, I have only watched the first session, but he is sitting around the table with the children. I know it was different that the sample on the webpage. I agree it does move a little fast, but I think we will catch it and be able to slow it down for us IRL. However, I did notice myself going around the house chanting them for the next few days.

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I know what you mean. When I saw the DVD the chants went a bit too fast for my liking and the lessons seemed a bit over a child's head, just went kind of fast.


I do have Song School Latin for my younger daughter and some of the chants on that are fast also. But we practice and practice over and over again until we can go just as fast as the people on our CD. Sometimes she gets it and sometimes it just frustrates her to no end so we just go to the next song.


That is why I am using PL and LC for my daughters. The chants go at a much more slower to normal speed which I like , and the DVD is VERY much taught at a child's level.

I'm not sure if I would like LFC or not since I haven't used that level I can't really comment. I'm sure if we replayed the DVD over and over again we'd get it. But I don't like to have to replay something over and over and over again. With PL and LC , we maybe replay a lesson every now and then to review a concept if we haven't practiced our Latin in a while. I like the fact that the CD and DVD are seperate because we can take the CD with us in the van and practice our Latin words too. Which we couldn't do with LFC.

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All my comments will be based on the older version from 2 years ago.


Yes, it is really, really fast. With regard to the chants, we were not learning 1 single word but a jumble of sounds mixed together. Even with the words in front of us, it was too fast.


The dvd moved quickly both in the lesson and in the pace of the material. It left my youngest behind very quickly. It was much to ambitious for us at the time.


I do not care for this program. It is too much, too fast and too quick paced.


Having said the above, my gf is using it with her 9th grader and it is going very well. She has the revised editions and started it this past April. She speaks highly of it.


Perhaps that is why it did not work for me, I was trying to use it with a 3rd and 5th grader. She is having much success with her 9th grader.


There are many latin programs out there. Keep looking and find the one you like that will work for you dc.

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Thanks to all for sharing your experiences! The info was incredibly helpful.


My ds has Sensory Integration Disorder, which comes with subtle processing issues. Guess who he inherited that from?:001_smile: :tongue_smilie:


I think LFC is too fast and slick for both of us, though it sounds cool .


I've decided to try PL. Thank you all so much for helping me an *informed* decision.


I feel clear-headed and even light-hearted about it all now.:001_smile::lol:


Much appreciation, board friends!

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