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Favorite Math Supplements?

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Dh is teaching on Friday and really does not want to have to study up and coordinate with our regular math. What can he do as a supplement on Fridays that is pretty open and go? We are wrapping up Hands-on Equations right now and have done some basic work on fractions/decimals, and are about to go into multiplying & dividing fractions. Life of Fred is too wordy for us (dyslexic). What are your favorite supplements?

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Patty Paper Math is awesome. Ds looked at Harold Jacobs Geometry, started it, but got tired of the questions ( :bored: I *love* Harold Jacobs!). He says Patty Paper is a awesome because he gets to figure out what it's all about (it's a more discovery learning approach). We just started, but looks like it's an open ended book where the kid goes on and on till he's tired.


I have another book by Aims called Origami Math (or something similar). Looks really fun too. We haven't done it but plan to over summer.


Also, The Amazing Circle, by Aims.

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Some yummy math websites/ blogs for puzzle ideas...each week, regardless of what other supplements you are using, your DH could introduce a puzzle, have the kids think through it throughout the week then discuss answers the following week, giving points for creative problem solving techniques:





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Family math books are great!

We have Pattern blocks and a book with pages to use for shapes to make objects.

We also have a cash register to use for "Store" time

And our older kids have to go with us to help plan meals and buy enough to feed our large family.

(Cash only on our groceries and other needed items).

Another thing we are trying to really implement is to have them work and save for their own wants.

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