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Anyone else having trouble with Veritas

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We have been having trouble with it lately, too. We don't have the greatest internet connection, but everything else is working fine. I am always willing to think the problem is on our end, but i just wanted to let you know that others are also experiencing difficlty, especially with games and tests.

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The VP online self-paced history will lock up your computer if your machine is older. I'm not sure if it's RAM or the graphics card or what. We finally ended up getting a new computer to make it run right. Anyways, that's where I'd look. We did almost all the courses. Occasionally we'd find bugs, like things where it wouldn't let you past xyz point in the game. We emailed Keith and he took care of it quickly. So give 'em a buzz or email and see if they can help you sort it out.

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We get a failure to load individual slides if our internet is not uploading and downloading very smoothly it seems. So if VP is trying to load as our internet skips a beat (happens far too often- squirrels chewing on wires in the junction box!) then it will freeze. Since the VP upgrade to the newer lessons I am usually able to fix by either reloading via the Table of Contents for that lesson, going back one slide then forward again or as a last ditch effort backing totally out and starting again. Sometimes I have to go through the previous slide again- which is OK unless it is one of those &%$ shoot at the ships slides!


Before the update we would get a freeze up at the Finish Lesson slide and often not get credit for finishing that day's lesson. I have a saved e-mail to one of the customer service guys that I just recycle for this issue. I let him know which classes DD needs credited and he fixes it usually within a day or less- weekdays. But I really don't think that has come up since the update (or maybe our internet is being more cooperative.)

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