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"Joy of Science" from Teaching Co. - good for 8th grade?

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Wanting something to really spark my ds. We're using Apologia, which has been the "best" science, because it's the one that gets done, iykwim.


I'm fresh out of listening to SWB, and so there's a part of me that wants to just change all-things-Science for this year. But, really, I don't think that's wise. Just posting about "should I dump the Apologia" talked me down from that ledge - LOL!


But, I *do* wonder if these DVD's might help spark ds's interest - maybe we could watch them in lieu of "The Most Extreme" or something? Or, do you think they would still be over an 8th-grader's head?


Any thoughts?





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They are excellent for eighth grade, in my opinion. The lectures show a great enthusiasm for all the many and varied disciplines of science, and includes a wealth of interesting details. The teacher is very eloquent and engaging. This series was quite a hit for us at that age. Highly recommended!

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