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WTMers in Indiana, a question about High School graduation

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I was poking around regarding HS graduation requirements on the off chance we could be moving to Indiana in the distant future, before the dc graduate.


Is there now a required graduation test in Indiana? Where does one find information about this test? If the student does all required coursework and doesn't pass, what then?



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Well, I did some more poking and apparently homeschooled students don't need to take it. So crazy, they require the PS students to take end of course exams for biology, math, etc, and they require them to pass the istep. But homeschooled students don't need to worry about anything but the SAT. Whew. :)


Here's a link:


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My understanding is the same as Ellie's. Our hs'ed students take the ACT and/or SAT only if they want to, for college admissions purposes or whatever other reason they or we may have, not as a graduation requirement.


In Indiana you only need to keep attendance records. Any other records are for your own purposes, again, for getting into college or whatever.

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