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Other sciences like Derek Owens?

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What is it about Derek Owen's science that you like?



Really, we like just about everything about it. The format of listening to the lecture and filling out the guided notes has been great for ds. He also really enjoys the style of the lectures. He likes things to be pretty straight forward, without all the cute-sy frills, and these seem to fit the bill. I love that the program comes complete with tests, answers, etc. to make my job easier. DS completes this program almost completely independently. If he has trouble understanding a concept, he'll ask, but otherwise I just check his work and discuss any thing he gets wrong. The only thing that is really missing is a strong lab component, but we have remedied that by adding the Logos Science lab kit. This really has been the best year we've ever had for science, and I'd love to keep it going.

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BJU Life Science seems to get good reviews. I would look into that more if we weren't planning on using Rainbow Science instead which is a 2 year program.



BJU is definitely at the top of my list. I know it is a solid program and will serve him well. However, I'm still holding out hope I can find something I like better ;) .

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