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Venn Diagram or __________?

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We have been studying some of the first colonies that were settled in North America, and I would like to review them by doing some type of visual diagram. I am looking for a free blank download that we can fill out together.


I do not think a Venn Diagram will work, because we have studied - Jamestown, Quebec, Plymouth, Boston(Providence), New Netherlands(New Sweden), Pennsylvania and Georgia. This would be 7-9 items to compare/contrast. Or would you just compare/contrast Jamestown, Quebec and Plymouth. I could do that with a 3 Circle Venn Diagram, but I really want something that would concisely organize all we have studied for the past few weeks on one page. We have already done a chart comparing all of the early North American Native Groups, with the tribe names across the top and subjects to compare down the left side, so I wanted to try some other type of visual.


Any ideas?

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