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Thanks for all the help

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and for answering my questions both on the forum and via PM.


I think I have our resources for dd's freshman year of high school lined up.


For those of you who have been so kind, and those of you who just like looking at plans I've decided to go with:


Biology: Miller-Levine biology, Homework Helpers Biology and the Thompsons' Illustrated Guide of Home Biology Experiments

Math: We will finish up Dolcaini's algebra with the help of Zaccaro's Real World Algebra. And we will be incorporating MUS geometry. We will use these through the end of 8th then into 9th finishing up summer of 2014.

Writing and Rhetoric: Classical Writing Herodotus

Great books a la TWTM and SWB's The History of the Ancient World

Human Geography using A Cultural Landscape by Rubenstein with the goal of taking the AP test in May. Not with any expectation that she wil score high, but to give practice taking tests away from home. And if by some miracle she does well that makes it all the better.

Latin: Finish The Lating Road 2 and move on to volume 3


Thanks again for all the help. I am truy appreciative of both it and the support.

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