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How many books are you reading?


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Okay, I must be some kind of book weirdo, because I have 5 books I am reading right now. And I'm excited about the new one I bought this morning at church! I pick one up, read a bit, do school or the dishes or go somewhere, pick a different one up, read it, etc etc.


Anyone else that does this or am I truly just weird? Not that it matters, really, I guess... =P

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You are not weird here! In fact, I prefer to only have one going at a time and I am always the oddball in these conversations. :) I actually have a couple going right now, but I prefer to read one or two at a time.

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Well, let's see. One audiobook, one long term chunkster of a book, and two I'm trying to speed read through in a week. That's four, and doesn't count the one I finished last night.


As a child I had one in every room, including the bathroom. That meant at least four at once.


You're normal.

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts....


Anna Karenina, which is a completely different read in my forties than it was when I was in my twenties.


Little Dorritt


Thinking, Fast and Slow


The Hobbit (again)


I usually have 3-4 books going at once. :)


I really enjoy looking book lists to see what others are reading, so this thread is fun to read.



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Well, today at church I bought myself Respectable Sins. We can now add that to:


In the Garden of Beasts


I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

I Promised I Would Tell

and...Life in the Year 1000!


I've been reading all of these book threads and now my "Books I Need" list is getting pretty long! I really want to read 1066 after I read Life in the Year 1000, but there are a couple listed on Amazon and I'm not sure which 1066 book is the one everyone likes so much - any help on that one?

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Hmm. I'm not even sure.


I have a couple different parenting/child rearing type books on the go that I read, then "percolate".


I'm still only part way through TWTM.


I've got an organizing book going on Kindle.


Also reading The Happiness Project once in awhile.


Plus, my fluff book (romance) that I read when my brain needs a break.


This doesn't include the school books like Kitchen Table Math.


Or the read alouds I've got going with the kids right now - WE have three. :)


Looking at this list - it seems I may have developed some ADD in the past year or two because I always used to read a book cover to cover before moving on to the next - and usually within a day or two. Some of these books I've been "reading" for MONTHS. :bored:

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