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Anyone found any Free 08 Olympics stuff?


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I am looking for something Olympic-y to do while the Olympics are going on in a few weeks. Has anyone found anything free online? I found a lapbook/unit study, but I really don't think I would get to all that. I just want something like a medal tracker form, some info about the sports, maybe a craft or project that's not too detailed. Any ideas? thanks,


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Last night at dinner, our family carved up the world between us. I, for example, have all of Africa (and am crossing my fingers for a good showing in the marathon and other distance events) and western Europe (so many Olympic powerhouses, like Portugal :glare:). We're going to keep a running tally of the medals won by each of our jurisdictions, awarding 3 points for gold, 2/silver, 1/bronze. We taped up a spare map of the world showing each of our claims. It will give my competitive family something to follow when our favorite sports (gymnastics, swimming and diving) aren't on and provide a good geography lesson to boot.



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