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Problem solving chart

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I think I found this list on these boards...and apologize that I cannot give credit to whomever posted it as I don't remember. It is specifically for math.


Did you answer the question that was asked?

If they ask how many snakes got loose in the zoo, don’t tell me how many reptiles there are total?


Does your answer make sense?

You cannot have 20.6 people in the hospital unless you are a statistician!


Does it have the correct units?

If the question asks for feet, don’t answer in gallons.


Is it on the correct scale?

A person should not be 30 feet tall unless they are in a fairy tale.


Did you answer all parts of the question?

If it is a three part question, you will not get credit for only answering one part.


Did you check for correct signs (pos/neg) and operations (don’t add if you should be subtracting, etc.)


Don’t forget to check for subtracting negative numbers and other sign errors.


Did you spot check a few problems for careless computation errors?


Rework a few problems backwards.


Did you show your work?

If you show your work I can give you partial credit or understand where you may need help.

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http://www2.carrollk12.org/instruction/elemcurric/math/tproblemsolving.HTM might be helpful.

Are you looking for understand/plan/solve/check or a list of specific strategies (use a simpler problem, draw a diagram, etc?) or the critical reading one (underline operation words, cross out irrelevant info, etc)?



That link seems very helpful..thanks!


I'm looking for a list of specific strategies.

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