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Wisdom and Righteousness Lapbooks?


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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has used this for CC this year and if you can tell me how much it helped with learning in the area of science. I have played with the idea of several different science curriculum for this summer when CC is over but most of them are too complicated or too expensive or will take too long, etc. But I don't want them to just rewrite the memory work. We have been notebooking along the way and enjoying it but I want a little more depth for this summer on the topics we covered this year (zoology, botany, and earth science). I know about the homeschool curriculum co. as well and may use that (we enjoyed a lot of the biology unit though I felt it could have had more science to it). I want a way for them to expand on what they learned without complicated lesson plans or long assignments, however I do want them reading more and writing more in depth about the science vocabulary they learned, etc. So I am considering the lapbook (and it will be good for reviewing all the subjects) but first I wanted to know what else they would get out of it besides just filling in the memory work.......



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