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Current Events For Kids

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I am trying to find a news show or short newspaper for DS. I record Teen Kids News but it is aimed at middle schoolers and has a lot of focus on public school related issues that are not of interest to DS. He wants to know what is happening in the world.



Note: I do not watch the news and just read a very few articles from a variety of sources online. I do not like main stream media, I do not believe they are impartial and I feel they have a norrow focus and use fear to ge ratings. I do not even bother to watch the weather anymore.

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God's World for kids is a nice Christian one. They have current events news for kids based on their grade levels. They look really nice, if you want to pay--I thought they were pricey--and if you don't mind a Christian worldview. They just had their subscriptions for sale on the homeschool buyers co-op, but that might be expired now. It's from the publishers of WORLD magazine.

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