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Favorite Grammar stage literature for SOTW 2?


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I'm currently working on my list, too. I've started going through the AG but rely very much on opinions here. I had good luck with searching for threads with 'middle ages' in the title, that gave me a good start. This recent thread has a few suggestions:



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A few favorites so far this year:

The Sword in the Tree

Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great

Eric the Red and Lief the Lucky

Imagination Station (Voyage of the Viking, Peril in the Palace, Showdown with the Shepherd)

Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Night Stories

The Viking Adventures

Magic Treehouse: The Knights at Dawn

The Kings Equal

The Minstrel in the Tower

You Wouldn't Want to be a Medieval knight

The Making of a Knight

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest

The Apple and the Arrow

The Door on the Wall

The Castle Diary

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Just thought of some we have...my kids love the Good Times Travel Agency series. There is one for Middle Ages and one for Vikings that go well with SOTW2.


If he likes Magic School Bus there is a Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Medieval Castle.


We also love the Usborne See Inside series. My 8yo pores over these. It's a lift the flap book, which seems too young for an 8yo but they are packed with information. See Inside Castles, See Inside the Middle Ages.


Magic Tree House Knights & Castles Research Guide/Companion.

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