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Deleted per 9/10/14 board guidelines.

Erica in OR

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I am still working on cleaning up my pantry. We have two, and I've got to do it when the kids aren't looking or my chocolate chips or crackers or whatever looks good disappears. ;)


Sun., Jan. 27 Fill out pantry inventory: skipping this. I can never keep it updated. I acknowledge defeat after a decade of trying.

Mon., Jan. 28 Read week #4: fridge and freezer DONE

Tues., Jan. 29 Clear out old food from fridge DONE: discovered two steaks that had been lost in the fridge over the weekend, and three scary carrots. Yikes!

Wed., Jan. 30 Continue clearing out refrigerator shelves, drawers: finishing up condiments now and then I'm done

Thurs., Jan. 31 Clear off front and top of refrigerator: DONE--threw away a zillion magnets; pulled out fridge and slept away dust from coils, discovered a lot of nerf darts

Fri., Feb. 1 Clear out old food from freezer: working on this by eating through things...used up some random salmon and tilapia pieces I had last night. Our garage freezer is new from this fall as our old one died. It's in great shape in terms of organization and labeling.

Sat., Feb. 2 Label food in freezer with date and what it is: DONE!

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