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What is your favorite biography series?


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It's not exactly a series, but we love Jeanne Bendick biographies, including:

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

Herodotus and the Road to History


Along Came Galileo


However, this isn't a series in the sense that it doesn't try to comprehensively cover a huge range of characters throughout history.


And... what I have found is that if you want good literature, ie something you and your kids will enjoy reading, the "series" books may not be your best bet. For instance, this was a great book about Copernicus, but I don't think the author has any other similar biographies. With individual books, I find you get more of a living book with an author who is passionate about the subject matter... but the trade-off is that they are not always easy to find. :-/


That said...

We have enjoyed most of the "Getting to Know..." books, about art, music and now science, by Mike Venezia... like these ones:


Van Gogh




Johann Sebastian Bach

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Inventors & Scientists

Albert Einstein: Universal Genius

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak


They're a bit "meatier" imo than a few of the other biography series books I've seen... but there are cartoons and other stuff that make them fun.


There's also a corresponding video series, but I think only artists are available.

Claude Monet

Vincent Van Gogh


For older kids (or yourself), Genevieve Foster books are weird but good imo.


Hope this helps!

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Can we revive this thread? I'd like some recommendations on a series that is generally appropriate for ages 7-10 (content-wise....the girls' reading level is high so that's not an issue). Another criterion I'm looking for is that they are not written with an overt liberal/progressive slant.


No flames on that last one, please....I understand the idea of using conflicting viewpoints as a jumping off point for interesting debate and discussion, but I really want something that I can use as a fun reading supplement that doesn't require a lot of additional guidance on my part. I have my hands full of "teachable moments" ;)

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The best biographies aren't part of a series.


There are some good biography authors though. I like Diane Stanley, but David Adler and Jean Fritz are good for American history figures, and Demi is good for religious figures. There are others as well...

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Thanks for all the tips! I am not necessarily looking here for the most in-depth or highest quality literature--just a reliable series that I can use to add to their "for fun" reading supply. My girls go through books like water and it's hard to keep up with longer books that are content-appropriate. When we are specifically studying a historical figure, I"ll take more time to search out the best quality book on that person.

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