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What should I read next off of my book list?


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I've already checked off Harry Potter, Bible, Wuthering Heights, 1984, Catcher in the Rye, Great Gatsby, Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geisha, Prayer for Owen Meany, Life of Pi, Tale of Two Cities, Brave New World, Notes from a Small Island, The Bell Jar (weird), Madame Bovary, Charlotte's Web, The Little Prince, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I've read more than that, but I'm not counting them if I read them in high school or college. I had to read it just to read it. :)


I don't really want anything too heavy. I have a baby that wakes up a lot and I don't have a ton of mental stamina!

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The Bell Jar is so depressing, isn't it???


I would recommend The Hitchhikers Guide trilogy. It is funny, thought-provoking and easy to read in little snippets.


I feel like I can't even mention the title of the book without some sort of comment. I read it the week I had my fourth baby. Horrible timing. I felt like I was mentally disturbed by the time I finished the book.

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My vote is similar to others:


Hitchhikers Guide - oh so funny

The Secret Garden - a lovely little story, my favorite children's book

The Hobbit - great easy to read story


I've read The Secret Garden and The Hobbit in elementary school. However, I don't feel like I remember much from either. I actually tried to check The Hobbit out of the library recently but it had a million holds (I guess from people reading it in advance of the movie). I really don't even know anything about Hitchhiker's Guide... I may have to try that one.

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That's a great list! I've read 47 of them!! I'm reading one of them (Shadow of the Wind/La sombra del viento) right now - great book. And about half the rest are on a long-term to-read list.


Hitchhiker's Guide is indeed great fun.


If you're looking for completely brainless and frothy, there's always Bridget Jones. What the heck is that doing on this list? Saw the movie, read snippets of the book, couldn't read it for the complete opposite reason I have a hard time getting through Moby Dick and Ulysses. :tongue_smilie: Although, it is also a bit stream of consciousness... :lol:


There are a few books on there I've just never heard of... what is Captain Corelli's Violin??

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The Secret Garden or A Christmas Carol
To Kill a Mockingbird HHGttG Pride and Prejudice
Little Women The Woman in White Sherlock Holmes


I never could like Hitchhiker's, despite my best efforts. Otherwise, though, I'd second all of the above suggestions.


I had read A Little Princess when I was a kid but never gotten around to Secret Garden until I read it aloud to my daughter when she was little. I just fell in love with that book! The language was such a joy to find in a children's book and so rich and rewarding to read aloud.


Mockingbird is one of my favorite novels, ever.


I read The Moonstone, The Woman in White and whatever other Collins stuff I could get my hands on a few years ago and enjoyed every page. Both of those are books on my mental list of things I wish I hadn't read, just so I could have the joy of discovering them all over again. (Tess of the D'Urbervilles is on that list for me, too, by the way.)


If we don't count things I think I read at some point in school but don't remember, I've read 55 titles on the list.

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