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I wonder how long it will be until the tv works again


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The DVD part of the sound system went out. Dh bought an inexpensive DVD player and is now trying to figure out how to get it hooked up with all the other electronics.


He has spent the last 30 minutes tracking the quarter mile of wires. Then he just stops and stares it down like that will help.


Poor guy. We may not watch TV again until we move out,, and the dish guy comes and puts it all back together.


Of course he shot down my idea to get it all hooked up correctly. :glare:


Check back often. I'll let you know how it is going. :smilielol5: :smilielol5:

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Not to make light of your situation, but I'm thinking that watching your DH might in fact be more entertaining than watching TV (I've enjoyed similar entertainment courtesy of my DH). There's always a silver lining. :p


I can hardly acknowledge he is in the room. Otherwise I start laughing. I've not realized how much he talks to himself until a bit ago.

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