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Preparing 8th grader for ps 9th grade

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We are planning to send our dc to high school as either public or private school next year. I am looking for practical advice on how to prepare him for the change in school routines, teaching style differences, the school routines, etc.


For example; while considering the lecture style of teaching, I am wondering how best to practice the "taking notes" skill. He is used to the IEW keyword outlining and regularly writes narrative assignments. However, we don't have a lecture style, and I would like to prepare him as best I can. Would you take time to practice reading/teaching orally, so he can learn how to write quickly?


Any advice?


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Is your child allowed to shadow for a day in the new school prior to the start of next year? I did use Writing Skills to make sure my son was up to speed on paragraphs, and some essays (he entered 5th grade this year in a charter school). I also did an outlining skills notebook, some spectrum test prep booklets, and a re-cap of math from CLE.











We also did a quick workbook reviewing english grammar with diagramming:





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For skills, we worked very hard on writing - I had them do many essays on lit, history, and science with a defensible thesis and MLA formatting. They already knew how to outline. Writing the essays also included research, finding relevant books and periodicals, note-taking (i like the index cards :) ).


I also gave them tests in a few subjects to practice studying and test-taking, and also had them learn to take notes from a textbook. I didn't explicitly work that much on notes from a lecture - they did take an outside class where they did this, but I didn't check them. I know some people use Teaching Company lectures to practice this skill. They are in school this year - some of their teachers this year do give guided notes, others don't.


I would definitely have your ds do a shadow day, and also make sure you know what placement tests, if any, the school will want him to take. Also, I found it helpful to look ahead at classes they may want to take as upperclassmen, and making sure we knew what the prerequisites were.


ETA: Also did some work on timed essays, as in the skills needed for an essay test.

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Thank you for sharing your advice.


I see that we may need to work on more research projects with bibliographies.


I have called the school office for their advice, we have a Homeschool Liaison who will call me back with specifics re: the transition.


Oh, and he wants to try out for football with no experience in an organized program... does Football Fantasy help :001_smile: ?

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No specific words of advice, but just a BTDT. My DD1 just wrapped up her first semester in PS 9th grade after homeschooling through 8th. She tells me she was intellectually better prepared for high school work than kids who came from middle schools, but didn't really know how to "do school": study for tests, deal with multiple deadlines happening simultaneously, tune-out distractions, etc. She was able to transition pretty easily because she is a flexible, resourceful kid; I'm not at all sure 1) if I could have prepared her or 2) if it would have been a good use of our time. In the end, she figured it all out and did very well, so I guess I'm happy we didn't take any time away from content learning to bone-up on the practical side of school preparation. Obviously, this has a lot to do with my particular child, so YMMV! Best of luck.

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My son went to a fairly demanding high school this year with loads of homework. I tried to prepare him, but not sure how much it helped. I tried to get him to take notes from the TC's How To Be a Super Star Student. He has adapted pretty well (he went to a parochial school through 3d grade). I still help him a lot with time management and organization issues. For example, I have him outline his history chapter over the weekend when he has more time even though it takes about two weeks to get through a chapter. I also showed him how to organize all of his school work. Don't worry, you'll still have time to teach him this stuff, and it's easier (at least they're more amenable) when it's in context.


Football about killed us however. Took up way too many hours.



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Honors students wrire a lot. 9th teaches a lit analysis paper and finishes up DBQ here and expects incoming frosh to already know the research paper and to be able to write the DBQ or an essay in a reasonable time limit, as well as know how to revise.


Knowing the specifics from the school you choose will be helpful in allocating your time.


My daughter's 8th grade advanced English and social studies classes are really focusing on timed DBQs and revisions right now in preparation for 9th grade honors humanities (English and SS classes that work as one double period.)

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