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s/o (kind of)..So what does whole foods look like to you?


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When someone says they eat a whole food diet, what do you mentally picture in that?


I am looking at our diet/grocery list and not sure where we fall. I do not bake bread from scratch (me and yeast don't work well together LOL). But I do buy 100% WW bread with no hfcs or preservatives. The only really packaged things I buy (ready to eat) are: cereal, DH's protein bars, tortilla chips, whole wheat tortillas (both from a local bakery so no preservatives, hfcs), salsa and chinese sauces.

Are canned veges and beans excluded from whole food diets? What about ww pasta? Rice? Frozen veges?

Just trying to see how close we already are and how l could add more whole foods.

I already cook most dinners from scratch, don't buy any pre packaged mixes and spend a lot on produce each week. But DH thinks we should eat less pasta (even if it is ww). The kids eat it maybe 2x a week for lunch or dinner. Snacks are fruit, cheese, maybe an occasional box of wheat thins(maybe 1 a month).

So, what else should I know about whole foods?

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