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What have you accomplished this summer?

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Summer is speeding by! What have you gotten done so far and what is still to do?

My list so far:


gardened: The flowers this year are beautiful; echinacea, bea balm, hostas, daisyies, lilies.

Veggies: zukes, tomatoes (none ripe yet), parsly, basil, green beans, gr. peppers, lettuce, radishes.


Recovered dining room chairs.


Packed up and sent off 21 yo to college (sniff, sniff). Moved 5 yo into her room with 17 yo sis. -doesn't sound like much, but whew!


Sorted through ALL the kids clothes in the house- packed off 18 bags to friends (where does it all come from?) and Savers, put 4 boxes up for later.


Scrapped bathroom down to plaster.


Poetry Memorization program-level 1- on poem 14


Finished 1/2 of Greenleaf's Ancient Lit study with older kids


Planned next school year (love the Donna Young site -and here!)


made sales for book co I work p.t. for- sorted inventory.


Helped plan next years co-op.


Sorted and rearranged ALL school books.


Weekly play dates


Still to do?

Decoratively plaster bathroom walls.

Paint "wall words" in girls bedroom.

sell used curriculum. Purchase what else we need

Canning/ freezing.

Plan bio and Omninbus for co-op.

Plan 3 IEW classes

Plan read-alouds for the year.

Finish chairs



how 'bout all of you?

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I have been a glorious bum this summer, and have only done what I felt like doing, which wasn't much, believe me.


I've made progress with horse training.

I've had a big house party over Memorial weekend.

Drank enough wine coolers to float a battleship.

Drove to Bama with the girls and only got lost once.

Have remained on speaking terms with sil.

Gotten my flower garden started.

Learned how to live through hot flashes.


I think that's about it, party's over pretty soon.

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Accomplished?! I was supposed to be accomplishing things? :001_huh:


I had my seven year old in for testing to find out if his tantrums are related to his blood sugar. They aren't.


I massively decluttered (to the point where I want to declutter more except I can't because every room is down to bare essentials).


I watched Next Food Network Star weekly.


That, I'm telling you, is IT. Nothing else. But I must say that the massive declutter was a lot of work and I'd like to think it counts as getting something really accomplished.

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Absolutely nothing on my 'to do' summer list....:glare:


But I did declutter the entire house and gave it a good scrubbing.

Managed to sell a ton of curriculum despite Ebay's police.

Painted the outside of 8 doors.

Managed to get ALL the kids to VBS ON. TIME.

Cleared 1/2 acre and planted a garden on it. (With Dh's help of course)


Still left to do:

Recaulk bathrooms

Paint the inside of 8 doors

Paint the Living Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room


And the 'Still left to do' will not be getting done because School starts in 2 weeks.......:D *SIGH*

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Took over a two-week trip to California....and I JUST finished Photoshop-fixing and ordering all the prints (I took over 2000 photos!!!!!!!!!(beachD'landYosemiteSanDiegorelativesHollywoodetc.) YESTERDAY!!!


Plus dragged an unwilling kid to band camp each morning for another two weeks,

supervised one teen painting his room a warm brown (I call it his Hobbit hole), and am in continual nag,er, urging mode with another teen to clean her room.


Got my paws on Lightning Lit 7 and Runkle's Geo. for my youngest dd for the upcoming year and have been poking through them both. Thank goodness for Christina's schedules! Also got a pre-algebra program but I am a non math person so I just put it on the shelf and backed away quietly. it is TT, so I need never do more than tell the kid "do math" :-)


That is about it. Oh - periodically taking one ds out to practice driving. It will take forever to get those 50 hours in as he isn't that interested and aimless driving and burning up of gas gives me the willies.

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just kidding

My summer project has been losing weight

I am right on track with that 20 down and 10 to go Wahoo!!

I have been walking 3 times a day for 3 miles each time (ie total 9 miles a day) This seems to be the only way to keep my metabolism up Also doing 100 push ups and 100 sit ups per day as well as other strengh exercises every other day. Needless to day this takes a great part of the day.

I have found time to read aloud Robinson Crusoe to ds as well as monitor his progress with geometry. I have most of our materials for fall planned and ready to go also.

My other big project has been our garden. It has worked out perfectly and I am so pleased with it. I grew Heirloom tomatoes from seeds this year and has been amazed at how successful they have been. Dh seems to be complimently me daily on the garden and he tends to be few and far between with him compliments. The other neat garden item we grew from seeds is Apple Gourds. They are really wild and have also helps to keep the weeds down. They are growing throughout the garden intertwining between all the other plants, it's really quite pretty.

It has been a wonderful summer so far.

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DD5 went to art camp and horse riding camp and started swimming lessons.

DS3 started speech therapy.

Began first grade with DD5 in June.

Purchased (almost) everything I need for HS for this year.

Discovered the joys of this website!


Cleaned out the basement.

Got rid of old, broken toys (without the kids knowing or noticing).

Reorganized and cataloged the HS books.

Finally vacuumed out our cars.


Got caught up on everything at my office.

Helped DH get caught up on his billing at his work.


Best of all, DH and I took a 5 day vacation ... ALONE.


Great summer!

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Hmm, a bit here and there during a crazy feel-good couple of days. Those few days resulted in some house purging and cleaning. Otherwise, very little. The very little things are socks. Knitting socks. I have been working on socks all summer. Right now I have 4 different pairs in progress. Each one a different technique to figure out which works best for me. Otherwise, count me in the glorious bum category.

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This summer, I have done the following:


- Driven my daughter around to auditions, rehearsals and performances for two shows.


- Packed for and sent my son off on a week-long trip with his choir.


- Taken both kids for medical and dental exams.


- Replaced my daughter's lost state ID card.


- Gathered the documentation and completed the applications for both kids and myself to get passports. (Both kids may have international trips coming up in the spring or summer.)


- Acquired almost all of our curriculum materials for next year.


- Written most of my lesson plans for next year.


- Researched a new debit card solution for my daughter while she is away at school next year.


- Volunteered for a week of day camp at our church.


- Arranged for, supervised and drove kids around to various social events.


- Test drove cars and decided which one to purchase.


- Kept the kids from killing each other (so far).


Still on the to-do list:


- Get photos taken for the passports and get the applications turned in.


- Help my daughter sort through clothes and see if she needs anything new before we take her back to school this fall.


- Shop for whatever she does need.


- Pack up my son again and get him to and from choir camp.


- Help my daughter pack up, drive her to VA and move her back into the dorm.

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I've been busy.


I've learned to milk a cow, and make butter and cheese.


I've learned more about gardening and planted and tended a huge one.


I've learned how to and canned 133 quarts of green beans, 15 jars of tomatoes, 31 jars of pickles, 11 pints of blackberry jam, 17 jars of peach preserves, several jars of strawberry jam.


I've frozen lots of zuchinni, squash, peaches, blackberries, strawberries, beans, plus I've frozen homemade cheese and butter, and 40 gallons of milk.

(I plan on freezing corn soon).


We've butchered 23 chickens and put them in the freezer; 25 more will be here next week.


And I am continuing to tend the garden and preserve and anticipate the rest of the harvest, God willing.


It has been a busy but amazingly productive summer. I am looking forward to winter with my dc doing school around the cozy fire.


And I've smashed lots of japenese beetles! :lol:

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Guest Virginia Dawn

I feel like I'm only half done with everything.


I had dh and ds collect a swing set from a generous neighbor and I rust primed and half painted it. I need to paint the other half.


I'm tutoring a teen girl in Algebra, but we are only half-way through our sessions.


I have a garden but only half of it produced well. The other half died from pests or lack of water. This has been the driest summer we've had since we lived here.


I finished the top half of a scrap quilt that I've had hanging around for a while. If I get the filling (an old blanket) and the bottom half put on before the end of summer, I will be happy.


I did pickle one whole large jar of jalapenos. I froze green peppers and blueberries.


We went on a lovely family vacation to Douthat State Park.


I created Christmas cards for this year on the computer.


I've started trying to change all my personal care products over to natural ones.


Found a cavity on one of my 4yo's teeth, and enriched my dentist even more.


Watched my grandson for a week.


We got a new hot water heater (yeah!)


I've read a lot of books, and spent a lot of time here.

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I have managed to clean the basement -- no small feat considering I haven't sorted through some of the storage areas for years! This was a significant accomplishment. I also sorted and cleaned all the downstairs rooms. This was very timely as my sister and her family sprung a surprise (very much welcomed) visit on us last week. So when they left MOnday morning it wasn't too difficult to tidy up downstairs as I had already done the major work before hand.


I also accepted more work at my casual job so I am working 2.5 days a week. This is a lot for me but it's temporary and comes to an end the last week of August when we take our summer vacation.


I have ordered and received most of my school stuff. Now I need to organize. This is the area which I haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked by this point. I think I need to schedule this in.


I have also kicked up my running routine which is making me very happy!


But as always, there's never enough time! (Like time to just sit and read.)

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Normally, I do very little during the summer. Lots and lots of reading. Lots and lots of beach time.


This year, we did get a great vacation at the beach at the start of summer. In addition, we tackled some HUGE house projects:


gutted and redid the bathroom off of our bedroom

repainted all main living areas of the house

gutted and redid the kitchen

removed and redid all the floors in the house

painted the porch

made new floor cushions for the living room

made new cushion covers for the porch furniture

created a very cool mosaic backsplash in the kitchen

learned to bake bread

started a garden



I guess I'm bragging, but it's been so much hard work and I'm so proud that we actually did it all ourselves (and stayed married lol).

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Summer is a busy time for our business, and I have been getting all of my work done, one day at a time. That's an accomplishment, right? :)


One son spent a week at baseball camp and the other spend the following week at wrestling camp this month. They both had wonderful experiences.


It is now football season (camp started on Thursday) and two-a-days really mess up the rest of our schedule. Just one month before camp breaks, though, and we can get on with some real football.


Oh, and we're trying to get some school work done. :001_huh:

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Hmm, a bit here and there during a crazy feel-good couple of days. Those few days resulted in some house purging and cleaning. Otherwise, very little. The very little things are socks. Knitting socks. I have been working on socks all summer. Right now I have 4 different pairs in progress. Each one a different technique to figure out which works best for me. Otherwise, count me in the glorious bum category.


I wish I knew how to knit socks. I think that is so neat.

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I wish I knew how to knit socks. I think that is so neat.


Thanks. I am certainly enjoying making them. They do take a long time to make though. I have been working on one sock that I started a week ago. And I am not done yet. Still have a second one to go after that. And that's with working on it a lot this week! I don't know how these people do it that can crank out a pair in a few days. I did complete one sock, one time, in 8 days. It was for my MIL for a gift. I was working fast to get it done and gave myself some little knitting callouses!


btw: I was a KY girl until I went away to grad school. Born and raised there!

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Let's see -


Cleaned and decluttered my whole house


Planned my TOG for the year


Went to the pool, swam laps pretty much every day


Garden stuff, the usual


That's about it. I'm working on my reading list now that I'm finished planning.


Forgot - I've been cooking healthy meals, and have all of us on a much healthier diet (comparatively). That's a big deal for me - both the cooking and the eating healthier (especially the kids!).

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