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Stomach distress :(


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It seems that everything I eat lately gives me stomach distress, kwim :o I think I know the cause but not sure exactly how to go about it. I think it is from the copious hot chocolate I've been drinking this winter along with way too much cheese, slabs of meat and caffeine.


I'm trying to find something like a detox diet that isn't going to have me juicing or fasting for 2 weeks. What are some healthy websites to go to. I've dealt with this before but before it got to the point of everything making me feel ill after eating it. I need to remember how this feels and not start with the stuff that makes me feel ill. It takes some time before it seems to build up to this point.



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I'm currently doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It's a cleanse that lasts 21 days. They give you a book with what you are to prepare for meals and snacks for that amount of time. The first week, you have meat, milk, eggs, grains etc. By the second week (where we are now), we are down to a mostly vegan diet. The third week, it's all fruit and veggies (you can add grains if you are really hungry). It was gradual and the food is REALLY good. They have supplements to take each step of the way too. I feel GREAT! I'm sleeping better and no more stomach aches. (And, I've lost inches!!)


After the 21 days, they give you a guideline as to how to add foods back in and in what order. I hope to find out what was causing all those stomach disturbances!

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