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Has anyone had any of their children take an online class from Memoria Press?


I'm considering registering my 7th grader in either a Second Form Latin class or Traditional Logic class.


Both are expensive, but I'm looking to put her in a situation where she is accountable to someone other than me and also give her a little pressure to study harder.

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Yes! My 4th grade son is currently enrolled in First Form Latin. It is a full school-year long class that meets weekly for 1hr 15 min. We did Prima Latina and Latina Christiana together using the DVDs, but with a new baby this year I felt it was time to get some outside help. I am so glad I did! He first reads the lesson on his own, then "attends" the online class, then has a workbook assignment each day. On average, his Latin homework takes 30 minutes per day, four days per week (the fifth day he doesn't do any workbook pages because it is the day of his online class). There is also an online quiz that he takes each Friday.


I have an answer key here and check his workbook pages each day, but that is about the extent of my involvement. He rarely gets any of the workbook questions wrong, so I think Mrs Gratto is doing her job well during their class time.


Students can email any questions to the teacher during the week, and the teachers seem very good about responding very quickly.


We will for sure be signing up for 2nd Form Latin online next fall.

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