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Help! Co-op leader just called and ...

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I was scheduled to assist teaching high school girls on the art of candle making. I've already attended the planning meeting and helped organize that class.


The co-op leader called a few minutes ago and asked me to help teach two middle ages classes (grade 5/6 and 7/8) instead. The co-op starts in 3 weeks! The two woman who were supposed to teach the class with an additional parent helper are not able to attend now! One got a job and the other got accepted to school! So, the parent helper is now teaching the class and I'm to come along and assist her as a co-teacher. Oh yeah, did I mention that she might not be there every week and it depends on her work schedule!!!!


She doesn't have anything planned yet. I am a six month in advanced planner by nature. This is going to be a fun waltz between the two of us.


Do you have any suggestions of online curriculum, activities, games, etc that I should look at as I crash plan a 10 week - curriculum?


I have SOTW 2 - we are only on chapter 11 at home, so I guess I'll be reading ahead! LOL


I tagged this as middle ages, so if anyone needs this info in the future it will be available.




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This sounds like a disaster of a co- op. co-op means everyone has to pitch in and, well, cooperate with each other. You need stable, committed adults to make it successful. I would not let my own kids get pushed into the background to rescue this co-op. your first obligation is to them. I would bow out now before things get bad. I say this as a veteran of several co-ops, the only successful two being the highly organized ones with many committed adults.

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Sometimes people bail at the last minute. As a co-op organizer, I had it happen once that 2 teachers bailed 2 weeks before our start date. When I say bail, I mean neither they, nor their kids ended up participating. I ended up teaching with another mom who jumped in. I don't think 1 incident is indicative of a poorly run co-op.


As for teaching the middle ages in 10 weeks, I'm guessing that there's no uniting curriculum being carried out at home? If that's the case, I'd probably choose the 8 biggest events and find projects that correspond The first week can be an overview with maybe a timeline project, and the last week being a review project. Or you could capitalize on it being a co-op and give them all different aspects of the middle ages to do a project and present on.

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have you got the activity guide for sotw2. Could you both get together pick some topics and activities - either by importance to you or just one continent. Middle ages in Europe sounds a lot more manageable than middle ages in the the whole world. Or ma in Britain, France, Russia whatever.

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I suggest you browse the library, they might have some really good books you can use.

Kaleidoscope Kids books are really good - see if your library has Knights & Castles: 50 Hands-On Activities... . The Build it Yourself series is also good, look for Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself.

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