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How much would you push it if your 1st grader's report card was wrong?

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So my dd6's saga continues. The second quarter ended last Friday and report cards came out Wednesday. I had pointed out a couple of errors that brought down my dd6's grades a bit, in time for the teacher to fix them, but she did not. I reminded her the other day, and she said she'd look again, but the problem is still there. Her argument is that she inflated some of my kid's other grades to help her make "merit roll." (So I guess that means I should let the zero she recorded for a 100% spelling paper go, etc.)


My last comment to her was that I want to make sure the record shows her strengths, in case she ever needs this to balance out weaknesses.


I am supposed to sign and return the report cards, which I have not done.


Now, this is 1st grade. And we're talking max a difference of a + or - (B becomes B+ or possibly A-). I don't want to make a federal case out of it. But on the other hand, I am worried that I may be pressured to retain my kid or take her out of the school, which I do not want to do. So I am more anal about the grades than I otherwise would be.


What would you do?

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If she's getting As and Bs, they're not going to have any good reason to retain her, by their own records. If it was the difference between a C and a D, yeah, I could see making a fuss. Realistically, at this point, if you get pressure it's going to be because the school has decided your child doesn't fit what they want-which isn't uncommon in private schools, and I could see happening. It's NOT going to be because of her innate abilities or grades, because she's well within the range of normal for 1st grade, and 1st grade is an age/grade where being on the young side of the class really can make a difference.


I think this is a "Choose your battles" situation. And in your position, I'd fight a lot harder to have my DD's needs recognized (like the "Don't leave candy around when you know there's a child in the class who struggles with impulse control with regards to sweets") as opposed to over a B+ vs an A-. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't sit down with my DD at home and show her her papers and have a cute little math lesson on averages, though-so SHE knows that YOU know that the grade is lower than it should be.


And, again, pray for a better teacher and a better year next year. If possible, I'd really suggest having a conference with next year's teacher to "Feel them out" now. It was about this time of year when my DD was in parochial school that such a conference led to us deciding to pull her from her school, because even though her K teacher was making a valiant effort, it was obvious that the 1st grade teacher wouldn't do so.

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I would bring that up when you talk to the psych. Emotionally, it is not good for the student to have the teacher be so inaccurate. If she wants to give extra credit, fine, but she has to decide what the purpose of the grade is and grade consistently.


The teacher (and principal) are invited to the meeting with the psych. No idea if they plan on attending.

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I'd probably fight it. No I wouldn't make a federal case out of it, but I'd ask her why she didn't fix it. I would be upset to get a lower grade than I earned.


My dd is not aware of the errors, and since they don't make a big difference, I don't see this affecting how she feels.


I did email the teacher (again) after the grades came out and we went back and forth. It became clear to me that the teacher is not willing to go back and fix the mistakes. I have decided to drop it for now, but I have the evidence if I ever need it.

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