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Brain Integration Therapy vs. Visualizing and Verbalizing

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My 17 year old DS was just diagnosed with Reading, Math and Written Expression disorder. He reads fine, phonics and spelling are fine but reading comprehension isn't there. Math issues are word problems and visual spatial issues and Written is creative thinking. He has had issues in the past with crossing the mid-line.

He is also a VERY auditory learner.


So which would be better to help him Brain Integration Therapy or Visualizing and Verbalizing? It is something I will have to do intensively to help before he wants to go to college.




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Aren't those two completely different things? (Is Brain Integration Therapy really just a form of OT for SPD?) Is there a reason you must choose only one or the other? I'd do the OT first and then the V/V second, in that order, if you have time. If you don't have time, I'd overlap as necessary, but the V/V will work on academic skills that are "downstream" from the central nervous system issues. The central nervous system issues (i.e. brain issues) should be addressed first. I'd also rule out vision issues with a covd doc if you haven't done so already.


Note that there are clinics that do a short but very intensive OT. Ours has a 3-month program for local clients but an even shorter program for clients who come from out of state. They say that they have better luck with the more intensive OT rather than the usual once-per-week-for-many-months scenario.

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You wrote that in the past that he issues with crossing the midline.

Where this is essentially a spatial issue.

Crossing the midline, needs to be understood for what it actually is?

The midline is the middle between 2 opposing points.

Where we first need to locate these opposing points in relationship to each other?

So that we can then locate the middle or midline.


Though the brain also uses these opposing points, to locate a beginning and end point, on either side.

So that with these points defined, it can then order things/ thoughts between them.

Though when these opposing points aren't clearly defined?

Then thoughts cant be organized from beginning to end.

So that their is no sense of where one is up to, and what comes next?

Where it is very possible that his Math issues with word problems, is that he has a difficulty with organizing the problem in his mind, and then knowing what comes next, as he works through it?

Equally with his Written Expression disorder, that he has plenty to write, but can't organize to into an order, to guide his writing.

Where reading comprehension involves firstly extracting the key points from what we are reading, and then it is the ordering and organization of these key points, that forms comprehension.

So that his spatial issue is what really needs to be focused on and understood.

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