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Thoughts on MaryAnn Kohl books?

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I checked out Discovering Great Artists from our local library and love the look of it. We haven't gotten around to using it yet, but I plan on renewing it soon.


I see that she has a whole bunch of books and wondered what people thought of them.


My main goal is to be able to use these with my 3 year old (and later my younger two) as fun learning, and also for my 7 year old.


Was thinking about Math Arts, Mud Arts, Discovering Great Artists and maybe Storybook Art.


Any thoughts on which of these you've actually done?

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We've used both Discovering Great Artists and Preschool Art. I've looked through most of her books, but these are the only two that I've actually used. I really like her books, but they probably aren't for everyone. They are very much about the process of art and doing art in an age approriate way. Personally, I love that philosophy, especially for younger children. She has lots of great ideas for open-ended projects. What her books don't have is "instruction". These are not "how to draw" or "how to paint"-type books. They are about giving you a little push toward creativity.

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