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anyone use/read Lies My Teacher Told Me (the american history one)

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I'm looking towards 8th grade with my son and I think I've convinced myself to pull things together myself. It's probably my last year with him home and if any year is worth the effort this one will be. We will be doing an indepth American History course. I'll use a lot from the Sonlight list, and from TWTM lists. Also going to do a LOT with documentaries, including the Story of Us documentaries. I also have the books that go with it, on my tablet. The documentaries/books will be a sort of spine. I'm wondering if Lies My Teacher Told me is appropriate for this age (he will be 14). He's the kind of kid that would REALLY enjoy that kind of thing, and I'd like to be able to pull readings from that into the year at various places. Preferably him reading and then us discussing but if need be we could do it as a read aloud. Any thoughts?

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