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Streamlining the math curriculum


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I feel like all I do lately is post on my ds8 and his math! In sum, we've been trying to get him properly placed/paced and figure out how to effectively move him through curriculum without him getting bored (and therefore bogged down) but also working with the fact that his math facts aren't memorized. He is very, very strong conceptually but shuts down when asked to solve arithmetic problems.


Anyway, over the last several weeks we've picked up the pace a lot and we're now racing through Singapore 2B which feels miraculous, on the one hand, and really, uh, chastising (what's the word I'm looking for here?) on the other hand because I think I had him going way too slow for so long. The increased speed and a bit of extra practice with manipulatives has also worked magic on his math fact. He did 20 in 45 seconds yesterday and I almost cried. He is very, very visual, I think I'm learning.


So, I'm looking ahead to level 3 before too long. I want to keep the practice to a bare minimum--only as much as he needs. And I want to stretch him conceptually and give him the depth and challenge he seems up for. I also want to keep the stack of math books to a minimum. Both because there isn't a ton of room in our budget and because he likes to know what to expect. I already own Singapore 3A/B HIGs and TBs and the LOF Elementary series (he loves LOF). I'm thinking of adding Beast Academy as well. Does he need more? Does he need any of the SM workbooks? He definitely prefers word problems and we are working through CWP for level 2 as our only practice (skipping the WB and IP) but there are word problems in the text and we'd have BA to look at concepts in other ways.


Does that work: SM HIG/TB, BA, LOF?

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