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Lial's Basic College Mathematics....

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Would this text be considered a Pre-algebra course? DD12 is working through it right now, and she's in 7th. We're working through slowly because I really want all these skills to be solid before we move into concepts of Algebra. I was just wondering if anyone has completed this and felt it was solid for a pre-alg? That way after completing this, I could slowly move into Alg, skipping a pre-alg course.


Clear as mud? :confused1:

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I think it could be used as Pre-Algebra. I looked through it and Lial's Pre-Algebra and decided to go with the Pre-Algebra because it goes more in depth with the actual Algebra side of things. Also, Dd12 is very STEM focused so I wanted to have her prepared for more advanced math earlier. we love Lial's. It has proven to be the best program we have chosen, and trust me there have been alot!

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My husband (who tutors math and science) has used Lial's Basic College Math and Lial's PreAlgebra with different students. With some students, he moves directly from BCM to Algebra I. With others students, he has moved from BCM to PreAlgebra; this has generally been the case with his younger students. The PreAlgebra book is more meaty in its concepts.




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