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Combining CLE and Singapore/MIF


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If you use both CLE and either Singapore or MIF, which do you use as your main program and how do you add the other in? If CLE is your main program, do you cut anything out (e.g., quizzes and tests, some speed drills, first LU, etc.)? Do you do both programs every day? What approach works for you?




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Hi, I saw your PM, but I'm not near a computer, so I'm going to reply to your thread from my phone. We did use Singapore & CLE together and it was a very good combination. I used those programs with my oldest daughter (she's 11). She actually uses Art of Problem Solving now. She's working thru the prealgebra book. She probably has a better grasp of math than I do. Whatever we did over the last 4 yrs must've worked. Lol.


If I remember correctly, doing both programs was time-consuming. The speed drills in CLE were great. We also still use the flash cards and the laminated reference sheets (for the younger kids). Those are great too.


I don't think Singapore has to be supplemented, but my daughter needed more practice problems than the SM workbook provided. Also, it seemed like CLE had more geometry in it (more than my daughter had in SM). Geometry is still a big weakness with her.


They are both (IMO) very good programs.


I hope that helped. Good luck!

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