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Chrissy, thanks so much for recommending Blurb!

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I have a book almost finished of our year here in Hong Kong, and I can't wait to finish it up and order it once we get back home to the States.


Now I'm starting a new book of our month we spent in Italy a few years ago, and I have plans to do a book for my parents of their 50th anniversary trip to Italy (with us) and France, and another small (7x7) one of my kids for my father-in-law, who can't get enough of them. Oh lets see...and one of our month in Ukraine back in '03 when we adopted my son, and.....the list just keeps growing!


The only thing I wish at this point is that I could convert a 10x8 book into the larger 11x13. Because there's no way in the world I'm starting this book all over again, but I regret not making it bigger to start out. Otherwise, I look BookSmart! :D

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Oh, I'm glad to know you're loving it! I'm still working on my second book (photos of my dad's family). There are a lot of old images that need restoration before they can go on the pages, but like you, I intend to make a gift of this next one.



Be warned--it's rather addicting!


Yes. Yes it is! :D

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