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If you own a lawn care company...


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We have been brainstorming realistic ideas to dig ourselves out of 10 years of medical problems. We are seriously considering opening a lawn care business that would provide weekly mowing, garden tilling, and rain gutter cleaning. This would mean an investment on our part but I think we could handle it if we bought used items.

Starting this business would be a last attempt to salvage something of our life. We want to go into it with our eyes wide open. If you would please answer the following question I would be grateful. Obviously I am not looking for specific numbers but estimates would be really helpful.


How well does the business do for you during the summer months?

How many hours are normally worked in a day?

How long did it take to establish a solid client base?

Do you charge a flat fee per month or per mowing?

What season extenders have you come up with that have proven successful?


If you feel more comfortable PMing me please do.



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I haven't owned a lawn care business, but have worked for a retail garden center that offered lawn care services. I don't know where you live, but in this area it is a hard business as there are companies that use day laborers at dirt cheap wages/no benefits. Hard to compete against them, sadly.


In this area, some people overseed their lawns with winter rye to have green grass all winter. It still needs mowed, though not as much as a summer lawn. Some companies offer landscaping services (planting winter flowers such as pansies), tree pruning, hanging Christmas lights, etc. Again, that would depend on where you live. We can garden year-round here and now is prime time to get new vegetable gardens installed.


Best of wishes.

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Um, we didn't start one, but a close relative did.


They were very very poor for years. About ten years in they were able to pay of the last of their investors and take enough out to buy a new house.


They started in good economic times in the 80's. Their primary income bases are businesses.


You must go to school to get certification in handling lawn care chemicals because they are dangerous. The chemical treatments are a better income earner for them than the lawn mowing. While at school they also studied landscape architecture.


In the off season they do snow removal and make substantially more money but it's very hit or miss and dependent upon the weather.

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I believe Nestof3's dh runs a landscaping company. Is Dawn still on these boards? Maybe you can PM or email her. I wish you and your family good luck whatever you decide. Dh started up a business a few years ago and it's been quite the adventure. :)



I forgot Dawn mentioned that. I will check with her.


I didn't think we would jump back into business ownership so soon (we sold our other business in Nov.) but it looks like we make take the leap. An adventure is the best way to sum it up! :)

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