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Thinking ahead to 7th grade.. panic...

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I'd like some input on my initial plans for 7th grade.. Let me preface it by I have a reluctant learner..who is dysgraphic..


please keep in mind that we prefer secular materials..just focusing on the basics right now..


Math: Saxon 8/7



Grammar: Growing With Grammar 7. We have been using Growing With Grammar for the past few years.. I am thinking of continuing with it...


Spelling: Sequential Spelling


English/Reading: I was considering Moving Beyond the Page 11-13..Is it rigorous enough? I was thinking of choosing some of the units and alternating between them and Lightening Literature 7... ?


Writing: Continuing with IEW


Science: I cannot decide between Elemental Science Chemistry Intermediate or Moving Beyond the Page science units.... We have used Elemental Science for Grammar and Logic in Biology and Earth Science...we prefer to do science over the summer...


History: Moving Beyond the Page or A History Odyssey level 2 course... or a combination approach? I am hesitant to try History Odyssey.. again.. because we didn't really like it for Level 1 courses... I am also not certain where to be in our rotation.. technically we should start Ancients over again (having started them in 2nd grade the first time).. and we are finishing up Late Modern this year using Guest Hollow's curriculum...


Second Language.. I've no idea... he said he won't.. I said it wasn't a choice..but I don't know where to even start...




I never feel like I do "enough" of every subject..even though he does well on the standardized test at the end of the year... I keep wondering what they are doing in public school and if I am doing things on par..silly.. I know....but now that he will be in Jr High.. I'm really anxious about not screwing this up....

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This looks pretty good to me. I'm not a fan of Moving Beyond the Page myself as it was too choppy for us. Lightning Lit and IEW would work well together. We have really enjoyed the books and poems in LL7 and 8.


We are using History Odyssey - level 2 Ancients last year and level 2 Middle Ages this one. The book selections are very good, though it makes for a lot of reading if you are doing a lit program like LL as well. You can always drop a book or two from HO if it gets too much.


Your plan sounds pretty thorough to me. Congrats!

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DS has dysgraphia and uses HO 2 Ancients. The program feels disjointed, so we spend time supplementing with the k12 HO vol 1 and the Oxford Ancients text. I no longer have my son outline from the KFH because the KFH is very condensed and irritating. He types most everything and uses software to keep his timeline. HO 2 is 15% off during January. The program is ok, though I don't see us using it again. I'm waiting till the end of the year to make that call.

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I really wish I had something helpful to add, but my DS is only 10, so I haven't been in your shoes with a soon-to-be 7th grader yet. However, if it were me, starting in 7th grade, I'd be thinking about how I want high school to look, and then working backwards from there. Have you considered posting on the high school board to get some been there, done that advice?

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I've never seen Moving Beyond the Page, but I think your plan looks fine. I would be sure to add a foreign language by high school. I had to drop Spanish myself this year for my current 7th grader. We just needed more time to focus on the basics (especially math.)

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