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Anyone been told they have dull ear drums?

Hunter's Moon

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My Primary told me this during my physical because I brought up that I have been having trouble hearing.


I was born with a deviated septum, but it was fixed in June of 2011. She told me my ear drums were probably dull from sinus pressure.


So the ENT fixed my deviated septum and drained my sinuses, but I still have sinus pressure and trouble hearing. I take Zyrtec daily and Flonase 2x daily.


I have always had hearing trouble. I was sent to a Ped Audiologist when I was about 12, but he said I must just have sinus issues. I have always passed my hearing tests.


But I still struggle with hearing people. I say "what" I do not know how many times every day. Sometimes though, I won't hear something correctly but then when I think about it for a few minutes, I can figure out what they actually said. I wonder if I have processing issues.


I have an ENT appt on Saturday. Should I look more into processing issues? What else can I try?


I have joked with DH about buying me a hearing aid for Christmas, but I am serious. I want to be able to hear.


Sorry, this got long.

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I have completely clogged Eustachian tubes. It is a side effect of one of my diseases- SJogren's Syndrome. The ENT I saw last year found I had a hearing deficit but it is completely conductive, not sensory-neural. He said I was borderline for a hearing aid. LIke you, I say what a lot and also hate talking on phones because I can't hear those very well at all.

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