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Help me with 2 kids and science (using elemental science)


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Next year I will be homeschooling my two ds's, the younger will be a first grader, the older a 3rd grader.


Last year I did Apologia Astronomy (did not like it) with my oldest. This year we are doing Elemental Science Biology.


I'm debating what to do next year. I'm planning on using elemental science, though I may use some of my own books to go with it. I was thinking I would do biology with my younger son, and chemistry with my oldest. But I'm thinking that is going to take a lot of time. So I was thinking of maybe doing the earth science/astonomy with both of them. My oldest has not had earth science, so I would need to fit it in somewhere at some point. But will he bored doing space again? Do I split them mid year and start chemistry with the oldest then?


At some point, I will have to spit them to get through all the science, and probably the following year, as my younger will still need biology and my oldest will need to move on to chemistry and then physics.


I also have a younger dd who will be starting first grade 2 years from this fall that will have to work in. Hopefully my oldest will be more independent in learning science by then...


So, what would you do?

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We use ES as well with 2 different grade levels at the same time and we enjoy it this way so far. We did Biology with my dd's in 1st & 3rd, this year we're doing Earth Science with my dd's who are in 2nd & 4th. Next year we're doing Chemistry and my dd's will be in 3rd & 5th. We do it at the same time. I expect both to write the narrations, but will give my younger dd a little more time to write the narration and will even allow her to make it a bit shorter. That's really the only difference. The projects/activities are perfect for both grade levels. My preker even sits in and listens. He will be doing the ES for Kindergarteners. We tried it this year and he was simply wasn't ready for it.

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