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s/o, author Addie Cusimano?


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From this link in the auditory processing thread,

I ran across this workbook that is not very expensive that you can do at home with your child:





I noticed that the author has a number of other books. Has anyone read Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure, A Guide for Parents, Educators and Physicians?


Was it helpful? I'd read it in the usual take-what-might-help-and-leave-the-rest frame of mind, but it looks interesting.



I'm also wondering how much, if any, of the info in these three other books is included within the Learning Disabilities book:


Auditory Sequential Memory Instructional Workbook


Auditory Memory in Context Instructional Workbook:For the Development of Attention, Listening, Processing and Recall of Sentences and Paragraphs


Visual Discrimination: Noting Differences in Frequently Misperceived Words

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I have this one and it's really just rows of numbers, letters and words (1st pages the rows are less - say like 3 numbers, later pages are more, like 6 numbers - I forget the max length it goes too)


There are some snippets from "Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure" at achievepublications.com

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