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X/P: Memoria Press or Veritas Press for K-3?

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I think I asked this same question last year. I tried Sonlight initially and it's not for us. One of my complaints was that it just seemed like too much to do. We're currently doing MP 1, and it's working fine, although DD complains that it's not fun. I find myself trying to find things to add in. I LOVE the look of VP but it seems like a lot more to do than MP, and I hated feeling like we were failing b/c we weren't getting it all done. However, I'm also not sure I want to keep finding fun projects on my own and maybe I now realize that I don't have to be a slave to the teacher's guide and can decide what I want to do myself. Has anyone done VP in the younger grades? The full homeschool version for every subject, nothing online? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm always going to wonder unless I just try it? Should I switch for a year and if it's a big fail go back to MP and then never think about it again? This is basically me rambling, I'm sorry, but DH refuses to listen to me ramble anymore so I turn to the Hive.

Also, I'm really wondering if VP is something I just need to try so I know? Has anyone had to do that with something? It's the only other curriculum that really interests me.

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I use VP lesson plans (not online) and I am also the type of person who has to check everything off the list. However, I find that skipping projects is completely doable with this program! Since we spend a week on each history event, we're getting plenty of exposure. I pick a project every few weeks that I think the kids would enjoy and try to stick to that.

To the bigger point though, anything you decide to do is going to have a lot to do. Publishers wouldn't really sell their products if the recommendations were just "read this book" or "fill in this worksheet". The value is in the pulling in the additional activities and projects that you might not want to research and find on your own. So, getting to the point where you aren't evaluating your success based on the number of lesson plans you follow completely is going to be an important step going forward.

Just my 2 cents! :)

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