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Giving semester grades when you've switched curriculum?

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Hive - how would you go about this? The PSP I'm in has us give semester grades. We changed a few things with dd's curriculum and she's had to restart in two subjects (we are newbies and still trying to get into our homeschool groove) . Now I do have some grades, but not many in those subjects and I had part of my grading percentages "daily work" and part of it "tests and quizzes", Dd hasn't had too many tests/quizzes but she's been diligent about her daily work.


If I average everything out the way I originally planned, dd will fairly easily get an "A" or "A minus" for what she's done. The problem is that she hasn't done a full semester's work in those classes. We are planning on homeschooling year round because of her Chronic Fatigue, so she will get the work done, it's just not all done yet.


Would you average what she's done and give the grade? She's a great student and will probably end up with "As" and "A minuses" anyways, but I am just checking.


Thanks for your help!

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:iagree: with regentrude. Give credit for the work she's done up to the semester point. Don't worry about switching curriculums; it'll all even out in end.


We're officially one year in to homeschooling and still trying to find our groove.

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