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Public Service Announcement: Unreliable Flu Tests


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As an FYI to any members here who may be suffering from flu symptoms, please be aware there is a highly variable rate of "false negative" results.



I shared this on another thread several days ago, but when I had the flu back in 2010, I was tested 3 times over the course of 7 days of steadily worsening symptoms. The first two tests came back negative, and the third confirmed Influenza, Type B. By this time, my symptoms were so severe, I was in the hospital.



Fast forward three years, and there is a ferocious virus going around at work that is making tons of people very sick. Last Tuesday, I started feeling dizzy/ nauseated and weak. I began running a low fever a few days later. I went to a clinic to be tested...and the result was negative.


Well, I didn't trust that very much, and yesterday, after having my symptoms worsen over the weekend, I got tested again by my doctor. And...it came back positive, for flu, Type B!


That's five tests taken, three with a false "negative" result, when I was actually positive for the flu. Which is a lousy score, IMO.


So, it's not just the flu shot that has a spotty record for accuracy--it's the diagnostic tools as well.


If you are having several flu type symptoms, and they have gotten worse, and you've had a negative flu test result, please be aware you may still have the flu. Even if you've had a flu shot; I had the flu shot during the 2009 - 2010 flu season, and it clearly did not protect me then.

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Aww, so sorry that you're sick, Bek!


We've all got some junk here too, although it's not the flu. I hope you feel better soon!! And keep away from Jackson! Lily is always asking about him and if he still has his cast. :rofl:


(Incidentally, we're planning a trip to your parts this spring if you're up for a get together. And we have more time to plan this time so we have no excuses, LOL!)

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