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Ate raw chicken

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I ate three bites of raw pink chicken before I noticed it was raw, so what do I do? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:




I'm not sure that there is much you can do. You will probably be fine. There are people who intentionally eat raw meat. It will only be a problem if the meat was contaminated. But I believe probability will be on your side. If it would make you feel better, take some probiotics and drink some grape juice.

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Yeah, I'd take some probiotics every hour (Primadophilus is what we use) and just wait. Open the capsule and take the powder straight (with water), so it goes to work in your stomach, not down in your intestines like normally. Hopefully you'll be fine. When I got food poisoning (at a restaurant I won't mention, even though I've chosen not to eat at that location since), the sickness kicked in pretty quickly. If you're gonna keel over, you'll know soon I think. Or research salmonella and see how long it takes. Usually it's pretty fast. Once you pass that range, you can rest easier. Hopefully you're fine though! :)

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Salmonella takes a few days, but I agree odds are you will be fine.


I am seriously such a magnet for raw meat, that I just stopped eating beef at places. LOL.


I will eat chicken, but always cut it first before taking a bite ;)


Happy to hear you are doing fine so far. I bet in a few days you'll forget this ever happened :)



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