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College Graduation Rate Study

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I know I seemed to miss a few days (or more) when my kids were home and we were busy with state testing at school, but has anyone mentioned this study yet:




It's a study from The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA that estimates the probability a student will graduate in 4, 5, or 6 years based on the student's


SAT or ACT score

high school GPA




Their calculator is here:




Higher scores/grades do correlate with better graduation rates. The study also goes into a few more factors like parental education and economic data.


I've been finding it rather interesting and have yet to see anything that surprises me (based upon what I see here at our public high school). It is interesting seeing "real" data vs just a little bit here though.


The one thing I don't worry about quite as much is 4 year vs 5 year graduation. I know middle son is purposely looking at 5 years, not because he can't do it in 4, but because his school offers a tuition free 5th year to double major and he wants that option. It's too bad they can't distinguish between "needs more years due to not having credits" and "prefers more years due to some other reason."

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