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Ingredient of the week: Kidney


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Laura, be more specific. Beef or lamb kidney? How was it prepared?


By the way, beef heart is very good. It tastes more or less like any muscular bit but the texture is more smooth. I recommend a Peruvian anticuchos type recipe if you like lots of flavor.


It's been a while. I'm pretty sure it was lamb kidney, made with a wine sauce. Something like this one. I'll have to do it again, now that Husband is in London from Monday to Friday.



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I don't eat organ meat. The kidney and liver filter toxins, drugs, pesticides, and other nasty stuff out of the body. They are not the best choice for human consumption...unless you don't mind eating the residual poisons.



That is what I always thought. I am curious if organ meet has been tested for toxins and compared with, I dunno, a steak or pork chop.


Either way, no thanks to organ meat for me!

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