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Kind of a weird pregnancy question...


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I am just now 21w and I still feel mostly flutters and some turning. A few times in the last week or so I've felt some tiny movements and with it came the urge to go potty, but only briefly. I'd feel the movement and a little tingling like I needed to go and then nothing. Then the movement and the urge again. Is he kicking towards my bladder? With my daughter I could feel little kicks and her hiccuping and turning, but she never caused me pain or discomfort. This is not painful, but it's a weird sensation. LOL

I know with my daughter she was little and my placenta was huge. No, really, when my OB delivered my placenta he said, "Whoa, that's big!" He's been delivering babies for over 20 years so I figured that meant something. LOL My daughter was only 7 pounds. I always thought that's why her kicks and movements weren't more pronounced. Dh barely every got to feel her.

I'm thinking Bruno here will be a tad bit bigger. First of all he's ALWAYS hungry and he's always craving carbs (which I can't even have a lot of because I'm diabetic!) I do indulge him occasionally as best I can because he's very insistent, but I maintain a good A1C so he does not get everything he wants.

Anyway, I was just wondering if what I'm feeling is him around my bladder. It's not a life or death, need to know question. Just something I was curious about. :)

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