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Help me figure out what is wrong with my kitty....


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We took in three kittens a few months ago. The vet now estimates their age at 6-7 months.


A few weeks ago, one had some swelling and ulcerated tissue on the outside of his lower lip. I decided to watch it for a couple of days before taking him to the vet. I don't take my kids to the doctor over a boo boo, so I treated kitty the same. After a couple of days, it moved to the upper lip. Then it moved to his nose. After that, the swelling was gone and I thought he had healed.


Last week, he was laying on his back and I could see that his upper jaw was swollen. I pulled back his upper lip and that whole side of his upper mouth, lip, and around his teeth was swollen, ulcerated, and white. I felt so bad because I thought he had healed, so kitty was at the vet the next morning.


The vet said that he did not have a fever, gave him an antibiotic shot, steroid shot, and oral antibiotics to take home. It has been four days, and while the exact spot of the infection is better, it has now moved to the corner of his mouth. It looks the same, swollen, ulcerated, white. I have been diligent about giving him his antibiotics. He acts perfectly healthy and eats/drinks normally.


The doc originally said that if the spot doesn't heal, he would continue antibiotics for another week in case kitty has an overactive immune system. If not healed by then, we need to consider cancer.....which he was doubtful of due to age.


Any idea why such an infection would move around? It started on his lower lip, moved to upper, then nose, then inside side of mouth, now towards corner of mouth (inside and out). Would cancer do this?

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I had a cat with head/neck cancer, and I saw it in the upper palate.


Could he have allergies to a food? I had a cat that pooped blood and got a raw mouth if he had fish, even a teeny bit. Just a thought.



Did it move around like this? That's what confuses me.


As for an allergy, I haven't considered that. I guess I could try a different food.



Are they indoor or outdoor cats?


ETA: I meant are they strictly indoor or do they also go outside?



Yes, they are strictly indoors, and I have made sure that he isn't getting into anyting. The other two are perfectly fine.

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