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Online U.S. History class?

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Check out Debra Bell. I have no experience with them though. I corresponded with the World History teacher and considered it for next year, but it doesn't look like they will be offering it again. <bummer> It looks like they will be offering American History though. If I remember correctly, I have seen positive reviews of Debra Bell here. Of course, that means nothing if she is not the teacher.


This is the thread I remember. I trust Janice's assessment. We have used some of the same online classes she has.

Has anyone used Debra Bell's online classes?




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I will add:


We used History at our House for American History in 9th grade. It is definitely secular. I hesitate to recommend it only because I don't know how well it would translate as a first/only exposure to HaoH. You may read more about HaoH in this thread. Feel free to PM me with your email address if you would like to see class samples.


What grade is your dd?

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We are trying Worldview Software's World History this semester. It is essentially a very good history book spine on-line. Very affordable and has some good variety of assignments. No real teachers guide so grading assignments and paper's is your job and creating a test if you test is also up to you.

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