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Sign Language recomendations, please


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If it's something you plan to continue, I'd be a bit wary of the music cds. Combining audio with signed languages is not a good idea. Part of learning to sign is training yourself to be visual, to think in home movie mode, sort of. Mixing ASL and English is counter-productive, natural as it feels. Switching your ears and voice off is really important, and it's way easier to avoid forming bad habits than it is to break them later. Later, when you've worked through the kiddie vids, look for something that has the magic word "grammar" in the blurb, and preferably "classifiers" and "role shift." There's a great deal more to ASL and any other sign language than the vocab.

Hope I'm not being offputting! If it's something you're doing for fun, not language learning, go ahead and play with the sign singing cds.


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