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We attempted neuropsych this morning


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I say attempted because my car crapped out 30 minutes into the 2 hour drive. :(


I had to cancel. Wonderful state police drove us home without giving me a ticket for the expired registration.


Car is being towed to a shop. I really, really, really hope that walmart somehow screwed something up during the oil change a few days ago. I can't afford any repairs and already owe my father for the tow.


The car was given to me for free 5 years ago by a friend so i have gotten my money's worth. But i have no means of replacing it right now.

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Thank you.


I feel so frazzled. I dont even want to do anything today. Dd's birthday is next week. I have to kiss my father's rear end and ego because i need my car fixed and i need his car to get to Delaware in 16 days. Forget kissing, i need to make out with his rear. (Ok, nasty to think about). I have to scrub the house and provide turn down services.


I'm terrified everytime the phone rings because i dont want to know how much this is going to cost.


I just sold our Wii and games to put tires on the car but dont even know if i should do that.


If this acute problem is fixed, it still has more. The poor car has 205,000 miles on it and was made before i was 10 years old.


It needs a valve cover gasket. Need to find out why the spark plug wires pop off. Tranny and engine leaks. I'm sure theres more, but those the obvious issues.


I have a friend coming to visit on Friday. He'll stay the weekend and work on the car, but I'll owe him for parts. This guy is an awesome mechanic, but I'm still not sure i trust the car to go to Danville (2 hrs) or Delaware (3-4 hrs).


Tell me to go clean my stress away. Dishes to do. Laundry to fold. I forgot ds's school work in my car. Have to clean my bedroom and bathrooms. Change the shower curtain. Find a ride for dd to go to young adult club in 5 hours. This sucks.

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fwiw, as a single mom in ottawa i figured that it was cheaper for me to rent a car when i needed one than to keep one given to me running and insured.......

for two years i shared ownership with someone, and was sad to lose the car but happy to lose the cost when the two years were up and it became the other person's.




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And the diagnostics are in... It sucks.


The rotor dislodged from the distributor. One screw is MIA (could cause serious damage if in the car somewhere) and the remaining screw got lodged in the distributor cap.


Basically, I need a $300 tune up just to get the car running. Then they could inspect the car and give me a list. The list starts with a rotten motor mount and leaky valve cover gasket.


If the kids did not have weekly therapy appointments, i would do without a car for a while. Unfortunately, that's not an option around here.

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crunch the numbers. how much would a once a week rental cost you vs what you are paying now? you could shop on that day, too. or is there a neighbor who would drive you in exchange for dinner? money? movie tickets? some new teenage driver might just love to drive you for gas money or ??? cause that list isn't going to look so good, kwim?

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My father still pays the insurance so it wouldn't save me anything (eta- insurance is only $35 per month anyway). In the circle of people i know, *I* am the one with the car. I would not trust a new driver to taxi us around with the way our roads get in the winter. Come spring, we could walk to necessary places, possibly even therapy.


It may not matter. The car sits at the shop until (if) i figure it out. If no figuring is done, no car.

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So the previous owner's father was a duct tape loving mechanic. The duct tape holding together the intake hose sprung a leak. They patched the hole with new duct tape. This was found after they fixed the acute problem and couldn't get the car to stay running.


Replaced the distributor cap and rotor and wiggled the bad wire back together.


$225 later (tow and minimal repair) and i can drive the car home tomorrow if the roads are cleared.


I have to pay my father back by the end of February.


It needs a LOT more work.

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