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Rosetta Stone question


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I guess I'm confused by your question. I haven't used the 'homeschool' version of RS, but use the regular version all the time. At the end of each lesson, It tells me a % scored correctly and tells me if I should redo a lesson. i think the criterion for redoing is a score of less than 80%. Maybe explaining what you mean exactly will help your question get answered better. Hmmm, but I don't often get <80%, so maybe that's why I haven't seen the big X. Are the Xs on the home page that shows the whole unit? If so, then yes, I think you should have him redo those lessons. Also, If he keeps missing a ton of them and doesn't want to go back and fix them, then maybe it's not a good fit for his learning style, or he needs supplemental work on the concepts in another medium (verbal, workbook, etc). Depending on his age, you may also need to do the lessons with him, at least the big 30 question ones where they're introducing new concepts.




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